James Thomas, Allan a British/American Printmaker, moved to Puerto Rico from England at a young age, where during his early years he experienced the Island life. James later moved to Ocala, Florida where he earned his AA from College of Central Florida, later moving to Jacksonville, where he attained his BFA from the University of North Florida. The following year James spent under the tutelage of Patrick Miko, a professor at Florida State College of Jacksonville. He jointly worked for a non-for-profit organization, Print Studio Jax, and Trident Editions, visiting conferences, art fairs, workshops, and gained many networking opportunities. James learned that problem solving was required to produce prints to the requesters vision, while enabling the collaboration of effective team work. He values the physical work, attention to detail and mental focus that is required to become highly skilled and successful. 

Although commission work and small commercial opportunities are key to James’s financial stability, his work, accomplishments and experience will help prepare him to work within a professional print shop and eventually earn the title of master printer.