Kilted Press


Kilted Press is a printmaking shop that aims to collaborate with other artists to create unique limited editions of original lithographs, etchings, relief and monoprints. Based in Corpus Christi, Tx, Kilted Press allows both student and emerging artists, as well as veterans, a place to work in a creative environment to explore and produce.


Artist and printer, James Allan owner of Kilted Press and Split Screen Press is an emerging printer. Though he develops his own work, his passion leans towards collaborating with other artists to create and edition their works of art. 


Working with a variform of artists gives a whole new perspective to the creative process. Through the interaction of artist and printer, combining their artistic views with the technical and exploratory enthusiasm, the path from blank matrix to a finished product is quite captivating.


Setting up with just blank paper and an unmanifested idea. Executing through all the hoops to complete the entire cycle to finished product and earning the final signature is the utmost reward.